A. E. Hellstorm

A.E. Hellstorm was born in Sweden, but spent several years of her youth in Portugal and Greece, before returning to Stockholm, her city of birth. As a young adult she took a diploma in Creative Writing, as well as a Master of Arts in Scientific Archaeology. In 2005, she and her husband moved to Canada together with their cats, and have lived there ever since.

Writer’s bio

A nna Eleonora Haglund Hellström is my full - and relatively complicated - name. That's why I'm using the author name a. e. hellstorm, mostly because I think it's funny (blame my Norwegian ancestry for my sense of humour), but it's also easier to remember. I was born in Sweden, spent my baby years in Portugal, the rest of my childhood in Greece, before moving back to Sweden just in time for that horrible period that is called school years.

When I met the man who eventually would become my husband we decided that we wanted more adventure in our lives, so we moved to Canada in 2005. Interestingly enough we are still here, quite enjoying the friendly Canadian social climate.

I've been writing ever since I learned to write at the age of six. There are numerous heaps of texts somewhere in a box in the basement which, at least the last time I read them, made me blush and cringe and laugh helplessly. Hopefully my books that I'm writing now won't create the same reaction when I re-read them in thirty years.

More important is, I hope that YOU won't have that reaction when you read my books. That would be more than embarrassing. On the contrary, I do hope that you find them enjoyable and worth reading again and again and again.