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Lost: The Field Researchers Book 2

Of Darkness Born: The Field Researchers Book 3 (Coming Soon)
July 1, 2017
Finally at home…
September 11, 2017


F BI-agent Carl Hansen has seen too much of the darkness, too much of things that shouldn’t exist, that nobody would believe, and he longs for a break, but instead of the quiet and peaceful life he wishes for, he once again gets dragged back into pandemonium and turmoil.

The terrorist attack that takes everyone by surprise, the loss of his colleague, the serial killer case he gets assigned, and his new, unpredictable boss who sees through him like he was made from glass. Walking blindly into chaos, Carl realizes he is not alone. Suddenly, people he reluctantly cares for walk by his side, people who are willing to light a candle in the darkness, but will that flickering light be enough to fight the living nightmares, or will it be snuffed out, like most of the light in Carl’s life?

The Field Researcher series is a vivid combination of Lovecraftian horror, crime, relationship drama, urban fantasy, and romance.

Lost is the second freestanding book about the Field Researchers. This book series is loosely based on the world created by H.P. Lovecraft.

"Whether you like crime, thrillers, or horror, Lost: The Field Researchers Book 2 is for you."

"Lost: The Field Researchers Book 2 by A.E. Hellstorm is one of the best books in its genre I have read for some time. Whether you like crime, thrillers, or horror, Lost: The Field Researchers Book 2 is for you. It expertly combines several genres in an involved, intricate plot. There is so much to this book that any aspect could make a brilliant stand-alone novel, but the combination creates a tense, emotionally driven tale."

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